CommonSpace plans to take the Scottish media by storm – here’s how


Build the Scotland you want to live in – #SupportAReporter

WE’RE living through incredible political times, and we’ve created a new media fit to handle it.

That’s the bottom line with CommonSpace and others like it. The digital arena gave an alternative the room to grow, and that alternative is now every bit as much the media as its mainstream counterparts.

We’ve achieved an incredible amount in just two and a half years – not least our 2.5 million readers in that time – and our readers are hungry for more. That’s why today I’m asking you to become a part of what we’ve created and help us raise £60,000 to fund two brand new reporters on our team. Have a look at our video below – created by the fantastic Phantom Power Films – for a flavour of everything we’re doing and how important CommonSpace has become.

With the question of a second Scottish independence referendum in the air, Brexit negotiations on the horizon and a newly-elected UK Government already teetering on the brink, we all need a media that serves the people, not the powerful.

That means we need more reporters. With only three journalists so far, CommonSpace has made a huge impact on the news and political agenda. Imagine what we could do with two more, almost doubling our team.

We don’t take advertising, we avoid big corporate sponsors to make sure we’re never compromised. From top to bottom, we do things differently at CommonSpace, and our readers are at the heart of every decision we make.

This is a hugely exciting time for all of us, and there is a window of opportunity right now for change in this country – serious, lasting change. What we do at CommonSpace can help make that happen, and that’s why we’re asking for your support.

This is more important than ever.

So please, sign up as a monthly donor if you can commit to this essential project or, if you’d rather, kindly give us a donation towards our final target. Every single contribution makes a big difference. 

We are no longer the alternative – we are the media, and we need to become even stronger.

#SupportAReporter today.