Corbyn makes bid for new industrial revolution as Labour reconciles to Brexit

Nathanael Williams

Labour leader ready to compromise on freedom of movement for “economic renewal”

UK LABOUR LEADER JEREMY CORBYN has demanded that any powers taken back from the European Union (EU) must be used to ensure a new green industrial revolution.

In a speech made today (Tuesday 6) in Peterborough, he reiterated his determination to support the UK’s membership of the EU single market while suggesting that the UK Government had failed to advocate changes to EU powers that could help working people.

Corbyn also signalled that Labour could compromise on freedom of movement for EU citizens.

“But EU rules can also be a block on the action that’s needed to support our economy, decent jobs and living standards.” Jeremy Corbyn

Commenting on his view of the UK’s position during negotiations, Corbyn said: “We will push to maintain full access to the European single market to protect living standards and jobs.

“But we will also press to repatriate powers from Brussels for the British government to develop a genuine industrial strategy essential for the economy of the future.”

He also criticised the “confused” approach of UK Prime Minister Theresa May and her government and said that past governments had failed to intervene in the economy because of EU rules restricting government aid to the economy and industry.

He said: “Tory Governments have hidden behind EU state aid rules because they don’t want to intervene. But EU rules can also be a block on the action that’s needed to support our economy, decent jobs and living standards.

“Labour will use state aid powers in a drive to build a new economy, an economic renewal based on new technology and the green industries of the future”, Corbyn added.

On immigration and the principle of free movement of all EU citizens, Corbyn appeared to make a concession to those in his party keen to attract the votes of many ex-Labour voters who disagree with a perceived “open borders approach”.

On the topic of immigration the Labour leader said: “Labour is not wedded to freedom of movement for EU citizens as a point of principle. But nor can we afford to lose full access to the European markets on which so many British businesses and jobs depend.

“Changes to the way migration rules operate from the EU will be part of the negotiations.”

Picture courtesy of Parti Socialiste

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