Corbyn receives worst poll rating of a Labour leader in decades


Ipsos Mori poll gives Corbyn minus three satisfaction rating

JEREMY Corbyn has the worst satisfaction rating of any Labour leader at the beginning of their tenure going back over thirty years according to an Ipsos Mori poll.

The poll of 1250 adults had 33 per cent of the public satisfied with Corbyn compared to 36 per cent who are dissatisfied. Ed Miliband enjoyed 41 per cent satisfaction compared to 22 per cent dissatisfaction.

Corbyn also compares unfavourably with Michael Foot, a leader widely criticised as too left wing for the general public, who had a 2 percent net satisfaction rating at the beginning of his time as Labour leader.

37 per cent of respondents said they liked Corbyn compared to 44 per cent who said they liked David Cameron, putting Corbyn only slightly ahead of Ed Miliband at 30 per cent before he lost the 2015 general election.

According to September’s Political Monitor 34 per cent of said they would vote Labour if an election were held tomorrow 39 per cent said they would vote Conservative and 34 per cent who said they would vote Labour.

There was good news for Labour’s new leftist leader, with 54 per cent saying Corbyn is “more honest than most politicians”. Only 30 per cent felt that Prime Minister David Cameron was more honest than most.

61 per cent felt that Corbyn’s Labour was concerned with people in real need as opposed to 32 per cent for the Conservative party.

The news comes after the new deputy Labour leader Tom Watson called on Labour parliamentarians to give Corbyn the “time and space” to develop a new direction for the party.

Commonspace requested a comment from Scottish Labour but they did not respond by time of publication.

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