CS Forum 25 April: International self-determination movements – which way forward?

Ben Wray

Get your ticket for ‘International self-determination movements: which way forward?’ on 25 April

COMMONSPACE hosts monthly forums on the last Thursday of each month at our new home in the Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow.

April’s CommonSpace Forum will be on Thursday 25 April, 7.30pm, and will examine international movements for self-determination. Get your ticket on Eventbrite to attend and join our Facebook event for updates and to invite your friends.

Recent years have seen the re-emergence of powerful movements for self-determination across the globe. 

We’ve had independence referendums held in Catalunya and Scotland. The Kurdish autonomy movement has emerged as a powerful, radical force. The Palestinian struggle against occupation and apartheid continues. The question of a united Ireland is once again being posed. The independence politics of the Basque Country has entered a new, post-ETA phase, while the left of the Quebec pro-independence movement – Quebec Solidaire – is on the rise.

With these movements comes increased repression of the the right to national self-determination by their respective existing states. Spain’s crushing of Catalan democracy, and subsequent imprisonment and trial of independence leaders, will shape the politics of the Spanish elections at the end of April, while the 9 April Israeli elections are being defined by which party offers most brutality towards the Palestinians.

This CommonSpace Forum will be a chance for self-determination movements to discuss the very different contexts and threats they face, but also the common need for democracy and solidarity, and the strategies for creating a new autonomy in this century.

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