CS Forum 31 January: 100 years on – Will the Clyde run Red again?

Ben Wray

Limited tickets available on Eventbrite and Facebook

On 31 JANUARY 1919, a revolt in the heart of Glasgow nearly toppled the might of the British state. The Battle of George Square was the apex of Red Clydeside, a movement of workers and tenants for peace and socialism. 

100 years to the day, CommonSpace invites you to our first forum of 2019 at our new home at Kinning Park Complex (next to Kinning Park Subway) to look back at the story of Red Clydeside and to discuss what can be learned from it, and to ask: what would a 21st century version of Red Clydeside look like? 

Panellists confirmed so far:

– Tam Brotherston, socialist activist and participant in the 1973 Upper Clyde Shipbuilders work-in.

– Lesley Orr, feminist historian and activist

– Ross Greer, MSP for the West Scotland region

– Sonja Coquelin, Glasgow Living Rent Tenants’ Union activist

Limited tickets available book here on Eventbrite and Facebook. 

All welcome.

There is also a community meal on in the KPC before the event which is open to the general public and free to attend.