CS Special week of coverage on Climate Emergency from 28 May: Send us your views

Ben Wray

Want to contribute to our week of coverage? Send in your thoughts to media@common.scot and we’ll publish them on the site

COMMONSPACE will be hosting a special week of coverage on the Climate Emergency from 28 May to 2 June.

The Youth Climate Strikes and Extinction Rebellion protests have pushed Scottish politicians to embrace the language of the climate action movement, with the declaration of a Climate Emergency by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who has also said she supports a “Scottish Green Deal” and has committed to more ambitious targets for reducing carbon emissions to net-zero by 2045. 

But how do we turn such words and targets into real climate action now, before it’s too late?

This is what our special week of coverage will explore: the strategy and tactics of the movement which can maximise its effectiveness going forward.

Questions we will explore include: 

– From targets to action: How do we get the ball rolling on a green new deal for Scotland?

– Escalation: Where does the climate action movement go from here?

– Data revolution: What information is useful in a Climate Emergency?

We want to hear your thoughts: send us in your views on how to move from words to action on climate change to media@common.scot and we will publish them on the site. 

Our week of special coverage will culminate in a CommonSpace Forum on 30 May at the Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow, 7.30pm. Full details and tickets here