CS Special Week of Coverage on Scotland’s Towns & Places

Ben Wray

CommonSpace will be travelling to Dumfries, Motherwell and Ayr as part of a special week of coverage on Scotland’s towns and places

SCOTLAND’S towns are facing the double whammy of austerity and the rise of internet and out-of-town shopping. 

Local authorities across Scotland are currently passing budgets with severe cuts to local services, including key aspects of community life: swimming pools, libraries and community centres.

At the same time, 14 high street shops close everyday, as town centres lose their commercial value for retailers in particular.

In combination, this is gutting out many towns in Scotland, where town centres are losing their heart and soul.

At the same time, new solutions are developing, with community ownership emerging in places where previously there was empty high street lots.

How do we revive Scotland’s towns? What is a sustainable future to ensure community life and participation is at the heart of Scotland’s places? How do we maintain local services?

CommonSpace is running a special week of coverage starting on Monday 25 February on Scotland’s towns and places. We will be visiting Dumfries on 25 February, Motherwell 27 February, and Ayr 28 February to hear from local people about the situation on the ground. 

And we want to hear from you: send us in thoughts about your local town and ideas to revive Scotland’s towns and places by emailing media@common.scot.

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