Danny Alexander MP caught in cash for access revelations following newspaper sting


Liberal Democrats told fake businessperson how to hide donations from official donor registers

THE spotlight has been placed on a private meeting between Danny Alexander MP and a fake businessperson, after claims the Liberal Democrats accepted an illegal, undisclosed donation.

An undercover reporter posing as an Indian business person was told be could donate money to the party via a “cousin” and that donations would “open doors” in the party.

After PS7,500 was accepted by the Liberal’s chief fundraiser Ibrahim Taguri, a private meeting was arranged with Alexander to discuss further donations, according to Telegraph reports. (Click here to read more.)

It has been reported that Alexander encouraged the fake businessperson to provide more cash, while he did not want to “intrude on the details” of the donation.

Taguri has stood down from his position as fundraiser while the case is investigated.

Alexander is currently fighting to save his seat in Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch & Strathspey.

Drew Hendry, who standing against Alexander, told the Herald: “This an extremely serious issue. The people of Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch & Strathspey deserve full disclosure from Mr Alexander.” (Click here to read more.)

The Liberal Democrats say Alexander is innocent of any wrongdoing.

The party has previously received criticism for funding its 2005 election campaign with a PS2.4m donation from fraudster Michael Brown, who later fled bail and was convicted in 2008.

Wider practices of political funding and cash for access were placed under increased scrutiny after former foreign secretaries Malcolm Rifkind MP and Jack Straw MP offered their lobbying services to international companies for payment.

Rifkind boasted that he has access to British diplomats across the world.

Picture courtesy of Liberal Democrats