David Cameron thinks the Tories can win 2016 Holyrood election


The Prime Minister: “Let’s win in those Scottish parliamentary elections”

SPEAKING at last weekend’s Conservative Party conference, Prime Minister David Cameron told an eager audience of activists that his party is in with a chance of winning the up coming Holyrood election.

Cameron highlighted that the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party is the only party in Scotland that is “absolutely passionate” about preserving the status quo of the union.

On the up coming Holyrood elections – which he described as “the real fight” – Cameron was quoted in the Herald stating: “The others are departing the field; Labour are a busted flush, the Lib Dems have gone, the SNP, the shine is coming off the ball as they have to start making decisions.”

To rapturous applause from the conference, the Prime Minister added: “Who is going to take them on? We are. Let’s go for it. Let’s win in those Scottish parliamentary elections, keep our united kingdom together, support Ruth Davidson and make this a great government of our country.”

The Conservative Party currently hold one out of 59 Westminster parliamentary seats in Scotland, and have not won a General Election in Scotland since 1955.

In May’s general election, the party saw its vote share decrease by 1.8 per cent to 14.9 per cent, the party’s worst result since 1865.

Earlier on in the conference, the UK Prime Minister joked that he became a Scottish rugby fan following England’s defeat in the rugby world championships.

Picture courtesy of Number 10