Deluge of photoshopped pigs continue to hamper Downing Street PR


Downing Street bravely attempted another dignified image of the prime minister, but #Piggate just won’t go away

A STATELY image of the Prime Minister of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland has predictably been photoshopped into a range of pig-related images on social media

No doubt issued by some desperate (or just naive) PR assistant hoping to piggyback on the momentous occasion of astronaut Tim Peake’s lift-off, the image shows David Cameron watching the rocket launch on his television.

Unfortunately, lots of people who hate the prime minister are also tech-savvy and use Twitter. More unfortunate was that the image in question featured a large television screen, providing ample photoshopping opportunties even for beginners.

As a result a flood of images quickly emerged showing Cameron watching Miss Piggy in skimpy nightwear, or the hit film ‘Babe’. Among these were of course the less inventive takes involving porn and Bargain Hunt.

It seems people enjoy #Piggate too much for it to fade away yet. #Hameron has yet to comment.