Derek Bateman: Bon accord


By journalist and broadcaster Derek Bateman

WE’RE BACK… after a week in the Perthshire hills we return to the Watershed Election. Did I miss much?

I saw glimpses of those leaders’ coconut shies of which we probably need one or maybe two, fully spaced out from campaign start and then again towards the end, but really, haven’t we had enough of the same fairground fun? They have now dominated the coverage and haven’t left the public much endeared to the political leaderships of our country, I fear.

Jim Murphy caught my eye as the domineering candidate – skeletal, tall, shouty, starey-eyed and talking over everyone as if nothing had progressed from his student politics days when the bully, contemptuous of others, usually prevailed, his mob baying from the floor.

I suspect his energy is cheering for the remaining Labour loyalists who just need someone to stick it to the Nats but utterly useless for winning back the disaffected – a point rather confirmed by the opinion polls which placed his performance below that of Ruth Davidson.

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Picture courtesy of Anthony Mckeown