Donald Trump becomes president of a divided America 


Inauguration of 45th President of the USA gives Trump the nuclear codes

POPULIST RIGHT-WINGER DONALD TRUMP is now head of state in the world’s most powerful nation. 

Trump, who led an unabashed campaign attacking minorities, shocked pundits by swinging post-industrial states surrounding the great lakes – and so beat Democrat favourite Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.  

He continued some of his most used populist messages on the economy after he took the oath of office on the steps of the US capital, Washington DC. 

“The forgotten men and women of this country will be forgotten no longer,” he promised, while vowing to return jobs, wealth, respect, and dreams to the American people. 

“From this day forward it’s only going to be America first. America first,” Trump reiterated. 

He said the “American carnage” of disempowerment and inequality would end during his administration – but did not outline how this would take place beyond presenting a tough-guy image internationally. 

Anti-Trump protests organiser: “This has to be the start of an international movement”

The event, which was boycotted by over a dozen US lawmakers, led to protests across the world against Trump’s bigoted remarks during his election campaign. 

There were angry scenes outside Trump Tower in New York, where thousands rallied against his presidency. 

The National described the event as the day the “Fat-cat bigot son of an immigrant Scot becomes most powerful man on Earth”. 

Crowds were far lower than on the inauguration day of President Obama, with large gaps visible down the DC National Mall. 

Trump, now the 45th president of the USA, is officially commander in chief of the world’s largest military and the largest stock of usable nuclear weapons. 

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