Edinburgh Indy march organiser: SNP must provide ‘clear answer’ on #indyref2 strategy

Ben Wray

All Under One Banner march calls for leadership from First Minister

A KEY organiser of Saturday’s [6 October] march and rally for Scottish independence has called on the SNP to offer up its strategy for winning independence at the party’s conference the same weekend.

Manny Singh of All Under One Banner told CommonSpace that the independence movement needed to know the time frame for a second independence referendum so that the movement is all on the “same page”.

Speaking to CommonSpace, he also said SNP Depute leader Keith Brown would be on the march and speaking at the rally, but called on First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to become involved in the street movement for independence as well.

He said: “Keith Brown is coming out and he’ll be marching with us – the depute [leader of the SNP] , he’s also going to speaking at the AUOB rally. It’s a shame that Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t come and march with us. Apart from being the leader of Scotland, she is the leader of the independence movement.

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“The SNP need to give independence supporters a clear answer. They can’t just keep saying ‘the hierarchy decides, and they have a plan’. That’s not good enough anymore. They need to advise the rest of the Scottish public what they are planning to do.

“We need to know what’s the date, when its getting done. So at least we all know, we are all playing by the same page.”

Singh, an SNP member, also emphasised the importance of unity in the movement.

Singh said the movement was expecting between 50 and 100 thousand marchers in Edinburgh on Saturday, which would make it one of Scotland’s largest protests in modern history. He also said that were Sturgeon to ever call a march for independence, many more could be expected.

Replying to the comments, Keith Brown, the SNP’s Depute Leader, said: “The SNP has been the driving force for constitutional change in Scotland for over 80 years. 

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“We had a phenomenal response to our national day of action last weekend, marking a gearshift in our campaigning. We’ll be maintaining that momentum and making the case for an independent Scotland each and every day.”

The last two years have seen the steady growth in independence marches, which have now taken place in most of Scotland’s largest cities and towns. Its largest march in Glasgow was recorded by Police Scotland at 35,000 strong, though organisers claimed it was far larger.

The Edinburgh march will set off from Johnstone Terrace to Holyrood Park at 1pm. Organisers are still in negotiations with Historic Environment Scotland about the use of the park.

The SNP conference is taking place in Glasgow from Sunday 7 to Tuesday 9 October.

Picture courtesy of 1789 Photography

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