English campaigners back independence movement against “arrogant” Tories 


Anger over Brexit and Tory government leads English figures to back Scottish independence

TORY INTRANSIGENCE over a fresh referendum on independence has been rejected by a range of campaigners in England who back self-government for Scotland. 

While political leaders in the Labour, Tory and Liberal parties have expressed concern about a vote, the same view is not shared by all their own supporters. Labour for Independence has reported “lots of support and emails” from Labour members in England, with activists recognising an opportunity to take a different political direction in Scotland from the rest of the UK. 

Corbyn supporter Eoin Clarke backed the right of people in Scotland to decide: “Theresa May has made no effort to hide her contempt for Scotland. She has frozen the Scottish voice completely out of Brexit Negotiations.”

Former Labour advisor Simon Pia added that “Labour folk down south” are “relaxed, even encouraging – go for it”, he said. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said it was “absolutely fine” for people in Scotland to decide their future in a fresh independence referendum.

The same attitude was taken by some high-profile celebrities in England. Actress, writer and television presenter Emma Kennedy encouraged Scotland to embrace independence. 

“Sturgeon ready to trigger section 30. You’re getting a 2nd referendum Scotland. Lucky, lucky, lucky Scotland,” she said.

“I think it’s absolutely right Scotland get a 2nd go. They voted overwhelmingly to remain.”

“Dear Nicola Sturgeon, can you move the Scottish border down to Brighton please?”, she added.

Popstar Lily Allen, who recently led political campaigning for refugees’ rights, posted a photo suggesting she would move to Scotland. 

Activist Jake Johnstone added: “Political landscape is totally different. Tories implementing policy Scotland never voted for. Labour failed them. Go for it.”

Dylan H Morris, vice chair of Young Liberals UK (LibDem youth wing), said that he would support Scottish independence.  

Meanwhile a poll earlier this month found that nearly 30 per cent of Tory party activists would welcome Scottish independence, with feelings of resentment cited as a possible cause. Other liberal commentators rejected Theresa May’s view on an independence referendum, highlighting the hypocrisy of her approach to Brexit talks and wider anger at Tory attacks on foreigners. 

Ian Dunt, Editor of Politics.co.uk, added: “Sturgeon delivering a step-by-step argument on the failure of Westminster to show Scottish voters even a trace of respect or recognition. This is not a result of Brexit. It is a result of hard Brexit and the frenzied arrogant idiocy with which it has been pursued.”

In the 2014 referendum a wide range of high profile figures in England backed independence – including Billy Bragg, Tariq Ali, Russell Brand, Sir Michael Atiyah, Labour MP George Murdie, and Green leader Natalie Bennet.  The ‘English Scots for Yes’ group is led by a range of people born in England who now campaign for Scottish independence. 

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