Event: What do people in Scotland want to do about inequality?


Campaigner and polling expert to discuss attitudes to equality 

WHAT does Scotland want when it comes to inequality? 

The Electoral Reform Society (ERS) Scotland and the Craighead Institute, a social justice campaign group, will host a Glasgow discussion in a fortnight’s time to consider the evidence of public views on the subject.

Professor John Curtice of Strathclyde University and Willie Sullivan of ERS Scotland will lead the panel session at Renfield St Stephens Church, Glasgow, on Monday 14 November from 7pm. 

Wealth and income inequalities remain persistently stark in Scotland, with examples like food bank usage and housing availability pointing to a continuing and concentrated crisis of poverty.

Describing the purpose of the event, organisers said: “Our conversation will focus on attitudes to social justice and equality in Scotland. Are we a country that wants greater equality? What is the evidence on attitudes to, for example, welfare, immigtaion, race and gender?”

Tickets can be booked online for £5.

Picture courtesy of Liberal Democrats 

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