Events: Scotland protests against Donald Trump’s inauguration


Several rallies and demonstrations are taking place across Scotland

AS DONALD TRUMP gets set for his Presidential Inaguration in the US, Scots are preparing to demonstrate against him.

Demonstrations in solidarity with all those in the US and around the world who have been targeted in Trump’s speeches and by his proposed policies will take place in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee and elsewhere to coincide with the inauguration proceedings in Washington DC from 5pm.

During his election campaign Trump attacked racial and religious minorities, mocked the disabled and was caught boasting about sexual assault. He called for the diminution of civil rights for women and gay people, promised a border wall with Mexico, called for Muslims not to be allowed entry into the US and for increased bombing in the Middle East.

Trump has faced numerous protests in Scotland in recent years. He has substantial golfing developments in Scotland, which were controversial even before his 2016 campaign, for conflicts with local residents, environementalists and the Scottish Government.

Speaking to CommonSpace, Glasgow demonstration organiser and human rights activist Pinar Aksu criticised Prime Minister Theresa May for what she claimed was close co-operation with Trump and called on people to attend local demonstrations.

She said: “We are living in scary times at the moment. It’s very worrying that Theresa May seems to be building a close relationship with Trump – a person who is racist, sexist, homophobic and only cares about the rich.

“We need to show that people are welcome in Scotland.”

In addition to the below events, there are also rumours of a ‘walk’ at Trump’s Gold course from 12:30pm.

Anti-Trump banner in Glasgow on the morning of 20 January

Glasgow: Friday 20 January, Buchanan Street steps 5:30pm


Edinburgh: Friday 20 January, Wellington Street 5:30pm


Dundee: Friday 20 January, Dundee city square 5:30pm


Dumfries: Friday 20 January, Robert Burns statue, town centre 12:00 – 12:30pm


Prestwick: Friday 20 January, The Cross, 5:30pm

Pictures courtesy of Gage Skidmore, Facebook

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