Exclusive: Activist faces SNP disciplinary hearing over targeting Sandra White MSP 


Member helped launch controversial group supported by the Israeli Government consul in Scotland 

CAMPAIGNER Sammy Stein faces a SNP disciplinary hearing over targeting one of the party’s own MSPs during the 2016 election.

Stein is accused of targeting Glasgow Kelvin MSP Sandra White with an eve of poll leafleting campaign and allegations of racism and anti-semitism.

The Evening Times reported in May that Mr Stein was “behind the campaign against Ms White”, which could be in breach of SNP membership rules.

Sources in the SNP made CommonSpace aware of the disciplinary process against Stein, who has already been linked to a controversial organisation seeking to influence its party conference next month. 

Stein is one of three individuals who planned a pro-Israel stall at the SNP’s Autumn conference. Stein’s disciplinary allegations is a set-back for the group, which hoped to challenge widespread sympathy for Palestine within the party.

Stein, who served in the Israeli army, told CommonSpace the hearing was a “private matter” and he did not wish to provide any further comment.

Joe Goldblatt, spokesperson for the pro-Israel group seeking to form in the SNP, also described the case as “a private matter”. He previously said he was unaware of the status of Stein’s SNP membership.

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The group denied connections to support for Israel, its government’s occupation of Palestinian land, or Israel’s bombing campaigns on Gaza. 

However, CommonSpace then published a leaked email where the Israeli Government’s consul in Scotland congratulated the group for “waving the flag” for the country, despite its controversial military and human rights record. 

Jeremy Stein, co-chair of the Glasgow Jewish Education Forum, then issued a condemnation of the group

“It’s of great concern for me. It’s not a legitimate organisation, and is a front for a pro-Israel lobby group. Effectively it’s been able to buy access to ministers without any form of public scrutiny,” he told CommonSpace.

The hearing could lead to Stein’s expulsion from the SNP.

UPDATE 20/12/2016 8.14 AM: Changes have been made to this article following a complaint about accuracy. We incorrectly described Sammy Stein as a “vocal opponent of justice for Palestine”. We have updated the description of a “campaign” to a “stall” at the SNP’s autumn conference. Furthermore, we have deleted references to Sammy Stein’s involvement in an “anti-Palestine” organisation, and deleted a description of Jeremy Stein as a “Jewish community leader”.

We’d like to extend our apologies to Sammy Stein and Jeremy Stein for the errors contained within this article. 

Picture courtesy of Andrea Pearsen

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