Exclusive: Danish political leader backs independent Scotland in EU 


Danish message to Scotland: ‘Go independent and please, please stay in the EU’ 

THE LEADER OF DENMARK’S NEWEST parliamentary party has backed independence for Scotland and its membership of the European Union. 

In an interview with CommonSpace, Uffe Elbæk, former government minister and leader of The Alternative Party and movement, expressed hope that an independent Scotland would develop closer links with Nordic countries like Denmark. 

“Please, please stay in the European Union, and go independent, Scotland.” Uffe Elbæk, leader of The Alternative Party

Elbæk, whose party surged from its 2013 founding to coming sixth in 2015 national elections, spoke during a visit to London supporting the spread of left-wing populist campaigning as an antidote to deep mistrust of political establishments. 

Elbæk told CommonSpace: “What I hope for you guys in Scotland is that you use this opportunity to say we want to stay in the European Union, and really use all the efforts you can to make that clear. 

“Personally, I hope that Scotland should move closer together with the Nordic countries, and be part of our little club, so to speak. Please, please stay in the European Union, and go independent, Scotland.”

Elbæk served as Danish Minister of Culture while a member of the Social Liberal Party, before founding the new party in late 2013. The Alternative seeks to engage more people in making decisions about party policies. His comments follow growing sympathy for Scottish independence across the European Union following the country’s vote to remain in the EU, while England and Wales voted to leave.

A poll of Danish public opinion found 67 per cent support for Scotland as a member of the EU, with just 8 per cent opposition. Strong support was also found in Germany, Finland, Sweden, France, and Norway – the other countries where YouGov polling took place. 

A wide array of German political figures, including advisors close to Chancellor Angela Merkel, have signalled support for an independent Scotland remaining in the European Union. The lead Brexit negotitor for the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt also supports Scotland remaining in the EU.

Elbæk was visiting London as part of the launch of a UK equivalent to The Alternative. Read the full interview with Elbæk and further information on the new “political platform” later today.

Picture courtesy of DRs Kulturarvsprojekt

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