EXCLUSIVE: MoodieVision – The Documentary


The National cartoonist Greg Moodie and MoodieVision co-writer Rose Garnett open up their world – do you dare enter?

TO get you all in the mood for this year’s MoodieVision Christmas special, we’re bringing you – for the first time ever unless you’ve already seen it – MoodieVision: The Documentary.

If you’ve ever wondered how The National cartoonist Greg Moodie and co-writer Rose Garnett put it all together, you’ll love this behind-the-scenes horror story.

CommonSpace editor Angela Haggerty, who makes a special guest appearance in the documentary, said: “They’re doing another Christmas special? Oh God,” before fleeing the building.

And in the spirit of the most terrifying year most us have ever had, 2016, we’ve also dipped into the archives to pull out last year’s Alistair Carmichael Christmas special.

This year’s special Brexit episode will be published on CommonSpace this week, so keep an eye out for it and keep a sick bucket handy.

Meanwhile, enjoy these wee treats – and don’t bother with the complaints, we’ll be in the pub by the time we get them.

If you happen to be a big MoodieVision fan, there’s nothing we can do to help you but you’ll probably appreciate all the episodes in series three, which can be binge-watched here.

Picture courtesy of Greg ‘Deadbeat’ Moodie

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