Exclusive: Scottish Lib Dems to debate new constitutional position at conference


Motion calls on party to remain “open minded” over eventual response to Brexit result 

THE SCOTTISH LIBERAL DEMOCRATS will consider a new policy on maintaining Scotland’s relationship with Europe following the UK Brexit vote.

A motion pledging the party to “exploring all options and ruling nothing out until the terms of Brexit are known” has been accepted to its autumn conference programme, sources confirmed to CommonSpace. 

This means the motion, proposed by new grouping Liberal Scotland in Europe, has been passed as ‘competent’ and can be debated and voted on as membership-endorsed policy. 

The motion’s wording fits within current Liberal policy to support a ‘federal’ UK, but adds that the party should “keep an open mind on alternatives” should it “not be possible” to “preserve the benefits Scotland presently enjoys as part of the UK's EU membership”.

Some Lib Dem supporters have said they would now support an independent Scotland, if that became the best route to securing the country’s place within the European Union.

Sixty-two per cent of people in Scotland endorsed EU membership in June’s referendum, including every council electoral region. 

At first the Lib Dem leadership supported the Scottish Government’s approach to Brexit, including the advisory council which will consider all options to keep Scotland within the European Union. Yet soon after the leadership withdrew its support. 

The proposed motion would reinstate the party’s support for this approach.

Picture courtesy of CommonSpace

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