Feminist economics: Glasgow to consider impact of Universal Basic Income on women


Event to hear gender assessment of Universal Basic Income proposal 

THE IDEA THAT SOCIAL SECURITY SHOULD support everyone with the resources to live a free and fulfilling life has been gathering steam across the world, with a number of countries considering pilots of a ‘Universal Basic Income’ (UBI).

With the labour market in developed countries suffering from the pressures of precarious employment, exploitation, and the impact of automation, UBI has been touted as an alternative economic route to a more equal society. 

UBI has been most closely scrutinised in Scotland by an events group hosted at ‘For Fika Sake’ (7 Keith Street, Glasgow), which is set to hold its penultimate event considering the various implications of the proposal later this month. 

Featuring talks from Annie Miller of Citizen’s Basic Income Network Scotland, Jen Broadhurst of Glasgow Caledonian University and Zara Kitson of the Scottish Green Party, the event on May 24th at 6pm will consider the “feminist case” for UBI and “pay close attention to how a developing political atmosphere may effect women around the country”. 

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Inequality in the labour market and weaknesses in social security provision for women have been highlighted by feminists consistently over the past century – including the realities of unpaid work carried out by carers, the gendered wage gap within and between professions, and the distress caused by workplace sexism and harassment. 

Jen Broadhurst, who is researching UBI at Glasgow Caledonian University, said: “I’ll be looking at UBI from a feminist economist perspective. Mainly how much the social security system has consistently ignored the needs and roles of women from its inception through to how UBI could begin to right that wrong. 

“I’ll also be looking at the similarities now for intersectional women from black, Asian and ethnic minorities and those with disabilities are treated in the design of welfare policy.”

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Hosted by Glasgow based spoken word artist Molly McLachlan, the night will also feature performances from writer Elaine Gallagher, live music from Sev Ka, and a presentation from artist Rebecca L.W.

Independence Live, in conjunction with CommonSpace, previously published a live stream of the group’s February event. You can find the full event page here.

Picture courtesy of Cary Bass-Deschenes

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