FilmSpace Podcast 001: The pilot


CommonSpace film critic Scott Wilson and theatre critic Tara Fitzpatrick launch the brand new FilmSpace Podcast

COMMONSPACE IS GROWING. It continues to break news, shed light on injustice, and inform its readership. As it develops, so too does its output, and our Magazine section is thriving. Here, our film critic Scott Wilson and theatre critic Tara Fitzpatrick introduce the FilmSpace Podcast.

The million dollar question is – why?

We, and I in particular, hope you enjoy our film coverage. We are lucky in Scotland to have wonderful independent cinemas, and not to mention the tallest cinema in the world. Almost every media outlet covers film, and CommonSpace should be no different. We want it to be universal and local, accessible to all while acknowledging what is happening here at home.

With the introduction of our podcast, we open up the discussion to you. Anyone who writes publicly welcomes social media engagement (of the nice kind), but with this podcast, we want your involvement. Reviews are conversation starters, but FilmSpace Podcast is the conversation, and we invite your input.

We will review the latest and upcoming releases. We will discuss the goings on in the world of film. We will start our own talking points, create debate, and have some friendly arguments. And this is just the start. All of this involves you.

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You can email us at, or find us on Twitter at @tfitzpatrick25 and @scottaawilson. Get in touch and we will continue the conversation on the next episode.

We are so excited about this and we hope you are too. See you at the cinema.

Episode contents:

00:00 – 10:35: Introduction & sequel fatigue discussion

10:35 – 16:20: Spider-Man: Homecoming

16:30 – 23:50: War for the Planet of the Apes

23:50 – 24:24: Contact details

24:24 – 29:00: Cars 3

29:00 – 31:58: What is Pixar’s best film?

31:58 – 36:30: It Comes at Night

36:30 – end: Tommy’s Honour and next episode plans

Picture: CommonSpace

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