Football video game makers beat Tory Government to publishing Brexit plan 


Developer of ‘Football Manager’ game plan for Scotland to remain in the European Union

GLASGOW CITY COUNCIL, JAPAN, AND COMMONSPACE all made more plans for a Brexit vote than the UK Government – but now another surprise example can be added to the list. 

Football Manager, a popular video game where players become managers of digital football teams, has published plans for the Brexit negotiations that go far beyond the public efforts of Tory government ministers. 

Miles Jacobson, who leads the game development, has included various Brexit scenarios in the gameplay for the 2017 season – which is released next month. 

This includes the impact of a ‘soft Brexit’ and ‘hard Brexit’ on football, including on the freedom of movement of football employees and applications for work permits.

“We sat down with the research guys and started to plan how we might put it in,” Jacobson explained to The Telegraph

Factoring in possible Brexit outcomes, players will be notified of negotiation outcomes between two and ten seasons into the fictional game. 

Possible messages include a ‘Hard Brexit’ scenario – where England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar leave the EU, and Scotland then votes to become an independent country within the European Union.

The message below is one possible Brexit scenario in the 2017 Football Manager game

The details set out by Jacobson exceed the limited information published by the Tory Government, which has published no details on its negotiating position four months after the Brexit vote. 

The Tory department on exiting the EU has so far published four documents: a flowchart picture of its staff, a letter it received from the cabinet office, and two explanations of its legal defence against the current Belfast court case that threatens to overturn attempts to trigger Article 50. 

Theresa May and her Brexit ministers have said they want to limit inward immigration to the UK, but have not said whether this will apply to footballers. 

Picture courtesy of Miyaoka Hitchcock

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