Forward to Indyref2? How activists are marking 2 years since the Independence referendum


Several events are taking place on Sunday 18 September to mark two years since the Scottish independence referendum of 2014.

SUNDAY 18 September is the second anniversary of the Scottish Independence Referendum and a range of events are being held across Scotland to mark the occasion.

The rallies and other events take place after the UK’s shock vote to leave the EU on 23 June. In the run-up to the 2016 Scottish elections the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon stated that the circumstances where Scotland voted to remain within the EU and the rest of the UK voted to leave could be sufficient to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence. On 23 June Sturgeon said such a vote on independence was “highly likely”.

Against this backdrop, there has been a re-activation of grass roots pro-independence activists.

CommonSpace collates together some of the main events taking place on Sunday 18 September:

Scottish Independence Convention: The Reassembly

Where/when: St Lukes in the Calton, Glasgow, from 2pm

The Scottish Independence Convention is being re-organised in order to provide organisation for independence activists in the absence of an official cross party Yes campaign.

Its organisers include many of the leading personalities of the 2014 referendum, and it aims to act as a hub for ideas and practical activity in preparation for a second referendum.

Speakers will include Alex Salmond MP, Tommy Sheppard MP and SNP depute leader candidate, independence stalwart Elaine C Smith, SNP MSP Jeane Freeman, Scotland’s youngest MSP Ross Greer and CommonWeal Director Robin McAlpine among many others.

The social gathering will also hear from leading cultural figures in the pro-independence movement including musician Eddie Reader, comedian Janey Godly and Alan Bissett.

Watch on Independence Live here.

Glasgow Green Rally

Where/When: Glasgow Green, from 2pm

A rally, which thousands of people have already indicated they are attending on social media, will be held in Glasgow green.

The site of many historic political gatherings over the decades will see speeches from leading pro-independence figures, play host to bands and other cultural acts, and will be a rallying point for the Yes Bikers group.

Watch on Independence Live here.

 Indy Cartoon Gallery

Where/when: 117 West George St, Glasgow, from 2pm

An event to celebrate the cartoon and other artwork will be held in Leiper Fine Art on Sunday afternoon.

The gallery will feature art from Gary Barker, Steve Bright, Chris Cairns, Lewis MacKenzie, Cinders McLeod, Lorna Miller, and Greg Moodie.

Oban march and Rally

Where/When: Corran Halls car park, 2pm

Yes supporters will march from Corran Halls to Station square where they will hear speeches and music.

The rally will be addressed by Breege Smyth SNP, Scottish Greens MSP John Finnie and independence supporting seniors from Oban High School.

IndyApp launch

Where/When: Everywhere, 18 September

The Yes registry is launching on Sunday 18 September. It will carry a range of functions to help co-ordinate between extant Yes groups, many of which have continued in some form since the 2014 referendum.

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