Free human rights film festival to tour Scotland


Five dates remain for public viewing focused on social issues

THE INTERNATIONAL human rights documentary film festival, which takes place in Glasgow each year, has hit the road to bring free events to audiences across Scotland.

The festival has already visited Aberdeen and St Andrews, and will continue onto Dundee, Inverness, Edinburgh, New Galloway and Glasgow over the next month.

With subject matters ranging from workers rights to environmental abuses and the riots in London, Document’s national tour seeks to spark conversation and inspire action.

Cayley James, who helps organise the festival, told CommonSpace: “In an age when our human rights are constantly at risk of being side lined it’s important to stay informed and engaged. Watching films may seem like a passive experience but our festival demands active participation.

“We have been running for 12 years out of Glasgow and have a great base there. But with the tour we want to tap in to a wider audiences and give these films the chance to be seen. Human rights documentaries aren’t exactly your typical Friday night-out film fare but they deserve to be seen by as many people as possible.”

It is the only human rights film festival of its type in Scotland.

This year’s full festival will be held at Glasgow’s Contemporary Centre for the Arts from 16-18 October.

The full list of tour events are:

Dundee: Rent Rebels, 7pm, 17 April, Tin roof arts collective, 38-40 Bellfield Street

Inverness: When the elephants dance, 6.30pm, 23 April, Velocity cafe, 1 Crowne Avenue

Edinburgh: Since I was born, 6pm, 25 April, Area c coffeehouse, 239 Leith Walk

New Galloway: Riot from wrong, 7.30pm, 30 April, The cat strand, Dairy town hall

Glasgow: Miners shot down, 6pm, 1 May, Andrew Stuart cinema, University of Glasgow

You can find out more about the festival on the human rights film festival website. (Click here to read more)

Picture courtesy of International human rights documentary film festival