#FundedByUKGovernment: How Twitter reacted to Westminster’s Union Flag PR plan


Twitter users respond to PR campaign with some suggestions for the government

AS the news emerged of the UK Government’s plan to brand infrastructure and publicly-funded projects with ‘funded by UK government’ Union Jack images (click here to read more about the plan, which even includes ‘devolution quizzes’), Twitter users rose to the challenge and were quick to pitch in with their own suggestions of brand-able UK Government’s actions.

Here’s a quick round-up.

Poverty and foodbanks in Wales #fundedbyukgovernment

— Steve Jones (@SteveJones93) March 1, 2015

Does @dannyalexander have plans to put #fundedbyukgovernment signs on all the bomb sites in Iraq?

— Steven Roy (@stevenroy27) March 1, 2015

PS1.30 for Two cans of Irn Bru for Jim Murphy MP #fundedbyukgovernment pic.twitter.com/TiHx5VUDz6

— Paul Donaldson (@Paulmoravia) March 1, 2015

Princess Beatrice’s latest ski-ing holiday #fundedbyukgovernment pic.twitter.com/iqdDOYM4dm

— Paul Donaldson (@Paulmoravia) March 1, 2015

#fundedbyukgovernment Irish Famine, Concentration Camps, Dresden, The Monarchy. pic.twitter.com/ta13U6VEN9

— KevR (@kwr66) March 1, 2015

#fundedbyukgovernment union jacks from Caithness to Cornwall? 83% of Westm spending was estimated to be within M25. We can relax!

— AnneDon (@SovereignAnnie) March 1, 2015

Is UK govt proposing to stick Union Flag & #FundedByUKGovernment on PS100bn new generation #Trident nuclear missiles? A vast capital project.

— Kevin Pringle (@KevinJPringle) March 1, 2015

The House of Lords spent over quarter of a million pounds of taxpayer’s money on champagne from 2010-2014. #fundedbyukgovernment

— Stephen Paton (@stephenpaton134) March 1, 2015

I imagine #FundedByUKGovernment is the sort of thing you found on roads and bridges in India around 1946 😉

— James McEnaney (@MrMcEnaney) March 1, 2015

I can’t think of a more revealing symptom of terminal decline than a state politicising its own infrastructure #fundedbyukgovernment

— Christopher Silver (@silverscotland) March 1, 2015

Trident, illegal wars, corporate greed, austerity, inequality, underemployment, social insecurity, oil theft, sleaze. #fundedbyukgovernment

— Simon Barrow (@simonbarrow) March 1, 2015

#fundedbyukgovernment? No, all public spending is funded by you, the taxpayer. Just like this state propaganda. #GE15

— Ross Colquhoun (@rosscolquhoun) March 1, 2015

100,000 of Britain’s poorest children go hungry after parents’ benefits are cut #fundedbyukgovernment http://t.co/Wkc1JwonLw

— biglhist (@biglhist) March 2, 2015

I wonder if #FundedByUKGovernment will backfire when you can’t move for them in London and South West, yet there are only three in Scotland.

— Scott Wilson (@AS2Scott) March 2, 2015

Duck ponds. #fundedbyukgovernment

— J (@gnuchu) March 2, 2015

Countless wars and murders of innocents #fundedbyukgovernment with a blood thirsty fervour and contempt for morality

— Pattoon (@Pattoon) March 2, 2015

The Union Jack represents (among other things) colonialism, bigotry, failure, and inequality. Westminster are seemingly content with this.

— Angry Salmond (@AngrySalmond) March 1, 2015

These silly “Funded By UK Government” signs can probably be covered up with #SexySocialism stickers pretty easily. Just saying.

— Angry Salmond (@AngrySalmond) March 2, 2015