#GE2015 Morning Briefing: Politicians prepare (and press release) for big TV debate


Brown: SNP are the “Sort Nothing Party”

WITH 35 days to go before the General Election, Thursday 2 April could prove to be one of the most important: it’s the first leaders’ debate, with an unprecedented seven party leaders taking to the stage for two hours of rough and tumble. Many of them are taking the chance to get their narrative in early with press releases left, right and centre about the ways in which they plan to trump their opponents, leaving little to the imagination.

Nigel Farage after Nicola Sturgeon

Ukip leader Nigel Farage apparently plans to go on the offensive against Nicola Sturgeon to rile up angst over Scotland. According to The Herald, he will accuse her of being “pro mass migration” and “pro European Union”, as well as saying she is just part of the establishment like David Cameron. The first minister must be shaking in her boots. (Click here to read more).

The prime minister will raise the issue of “chaos”, suggesting that multi-party madness under the guidance of Ed Miliband could be like a scene from Apocalypse Now, so we better vote Tory.

For her part, Sturgeon will stick to the ‘positivity, positivity, positivity’ SNP rules of politics for dummies mantra, as she is expected to emphasise the role the SNP could play at a UK level in reforming Westminster and bringing about change – ‘positive’ change.

Gordon Brown going off on one

While the rest of us are preparing for the leaders debate, Brown will be speaking in his home town of Kirkcaldy, and will tell the assembled audience that SNP policies would “break the hearts of the poor”.

Not going over the top at all, Brown will say that the SNP has “accepted the Tory agenda on austerity” and claim they are the “Sort Nothing Party”. As far as we know, he’s not planning on calling the nationalists “tartan tories”, but we’re sure he won’t let us down. (Click here to read more).


Scottish politicians will take a rest from electioneering in their constituencies to do a bit of electioneering in the Scottish Parliament at First Minister’s Questions. Expect things like “Labour cuts, just like Tory cuts” and “full fiscal austerity if the SNP got their way”, amid much cheering and shouting from the assembled crowd (the politicians) like a gladiatorial battle in the Roman times.

Picture courtesy of Jennifer Jane Mills