#GE2015 voter registration deadline is looming – find out how to register


Changes to electoral roll have led to fears that thousands may be unwittingly off register

THERE is less than one week left to register to vote in time for next month’s General Election.

The deadline for registration is Monday 20 April. The election takes place on 7 May.

Why do I need to make sure I’m registered?

Changes in the system to individual electoral registration have contributed to 145,000 people dropping off the electoral register since last September’s independence referendum.

The changes mean that the ‘head of household’ no longer registers people on their behalf.

How can I check if I’m registered?

Voters can check if they are on the electoral roll by phoning their council authority.

You can find you local council details by clicking here.

How can I register?

This election is the first where citizens are able to sign up to vote online.

You can register to vote online by clicking here.

You can also register via the phone to your local council.

In recent days there have been online efforts on social media to raise the profile of the looming deadline and encourage people to register to vote.

Picture by Global Panorama