George Osborne predicted to be the next prime minister of the UK


George Osborne is on course to be the next leader of the UK Government

A NEW POLL has revealed that Chancellor George Osborne is on track to be the next UK prime minister.

The poll in question surveyed Conservative party members, and showed the chancellor is expected to hold a 15 per cent lead over his closest contender, Sajid Javid.

Theresa May and Boris Johnson, both of whom were predicted to be frontrunners in the contest against Osborne, are lagging behind in third and fifth place.

Johnson, who was predicted to put himself forward for leadership if Cameron was not victorious on May’s General Election, has fallen consistently in the leadership polls since the election, finishing in fifth place behind Sajid Javid, Liam Fox, May and Osborne.

The latest future party leader survey, operated by Conservative Home, shows Osborne gathering the support of 33 per cent of members, while Javid holds only 18 per cent in second place.

The poll is particularly significant as after the party has selected two candidates to fight for the postiion of leader, the membership has the final say over who they want.

Prime Minister David Cameron pledged not to serve a third term, ensuring that a leadership election will take place before the 2020 General Election.

Reports have cast speculation as to whether Cameron will step down in the aftermath of the 2017 EU referendum.

Picture courtesy of HM Treasury