Girls in Scotland to help researchers on major project looking at causes of eating disorders


Researchers hope to pinpoint eating disorder risk factors more specifically

GIRLS aged between seven and 17 in Scotland are being asked to take part in a research project examining why girls are prone to developing eating disorders.

Researchers are looking for 20 girls in Glasgow to take part in the ‘Girls Growing Up’ project , which will assess a number of different factors to try and establish why some girls are more likely to suffer from an eating disorder than others.

Those taking part will be asked to keep a food diary, and will be weighed and measured during the project. They will also be asked to answer questions about their mood, and have their eye movements monitored, according to a report in The Herald.

The girls will be asked to take part in DNA testing as well, in a bid to establish how much of a role genetics play in eating disorders.

Dr Jane Morris, leader of the study, was quoted in the Herald as saying: “Everyone has their say and says it is fashion magazine or it is family problems and there is more and more research that comes out and shows there is a genetic background.”

She added: “These colunteers will definitely be contributing towards creating preventative measures against anorexia and also hopefully towards better treatment.”

Picture courtesy of Santiago Alvarez