‘Homeless hackathon’ to be hosted in Glasgow

Alasdair Clark

Scotland’s first-ever “homeless hackathon” will aim to find new solutions to homelessness

A MAJOR HACKATHON will take place will take place in Glasgow in April designed to find practical ways of tackling the homeless situation in Scotland’s major cities after analysis by Heriot-Watt University predicted homelessness in Scotland will rise by more than 53% in the next 25 years.

The report, released last year, also said that there are currently 11,800 people across Scotland either sleeping rough, staying in hostels, or living in unsuitable temporary accommodation. 

Bringing together those committed to tackling the “tragedy” of homelessness, the homeless hackathon, sponsored by HRC Recruitment, will include pitches from charity organisations, such as Simon Community and Streetwork, who are looking for support to create a risk assessment app to be used by their street teams. 

Glasgow homeless network director, Margaret-Ann Brünjes, said: “If there are digital solutions that can ease people’s experience of homelessness in any way, then the hackathon is the best opportunity to engage with the growing tech community in Scotland. 

“We are delighted to add our support to a Hackathon that is designed to find practical solutions for organisations tackling homelessness in Scotland.” 

“If there are digital solutions that can ease homelessness in any way, then the hackathon is the best opportunity to engage with the growing tech community in Scotland.” Margaret-Ann Brünjes

William Thomson of Gallus Events, who are organising the event, said: “We hope that by matching organisations with those individuals who have a desire to help, we will start to develop and implement practical solutions to the homeless situation across Scotland. 

“The funding available for the winners will put in place longer-term support that will allow ideas to become reality.”

The Hackathon is looking to attract anyone with ideas, time, skills and resources to dedicate to supporting homeless charities. 

As well as programmers and coders the homeless hackathon will welcome event organisers, social workers, graphic designers, care workers, digital marketers, project managers, shop owners, journalists, accountants, PR professionals and those in transformational roles.

Tickets for the event can be booked online.

Picture courtesy of Garry Knight

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