Hope Over Fear rally ‘banned’ from George Square


Independence rally cancelled after Police “public order concerns”

GLASGOW CITY COUNCIL has rejected an application by the pro-independence Hope over Fear campaign for a rally in George Square on 19 September 2015.

The campaign, which has previously held two large rallies in George Square on 12 October 2014 and 25 April 2015, has insisted its plans to hold the rally will go ahead.

The 19 September rally is timed to commemorate the independence referendum of 18 September 2014. It is also the anniversary of violent clashes which took place in George Square following the referendum ‘No’ vote .

The city council says it has also rejected an application for a unionist rally on 19 September.

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council told CommonSpace: “After taking advice from police, who raised public order concerns, we have decided to decline both requests to use George Square on this date.”

The spokesman also noted: “The incidents in George Square last year [19 September 2014] are known to all,” and said that the council had to “heed the advice of the police”.

The pro-independence Hope Over Fear campaign has released a statement from campaign organiser Tommy Sheridan alleging that the decision is politically motivated.

In the statement Sheridan said: “The independence movement is being politically discriminated against and we will not accept it. We will not be bullied. We will not cower before unionist dirty tricks any longer. This is now a more important rally than ever.”

“The Yes movement and the Hope Over Fear campaign will not be intimidated or bullied by the unionists in Glasgow City Chambers who believe they can prevent us from standing tall on 19th September and declaring proudly; ‘One Year On – We’re Still YES’ and we refuse to bend the knee to Westminster rule any longer. Freedom will be ours,” he added.

The Orange Order has categorically denied that it requested use of the square on the day.

Picture courtesy of Alf Melin