Iain Macwhirter: Jim Murphy has abandoned nearly everything he used to stand for


Writing in the 14 December edition of the Sunday Herald, Iain Macwhirter discusses the Scottish Labour leadership victory of ‘New Jim’ Murphy.

“It is now very difficult to know Murphy’s position on just about any issue you care to name because he has apparently abandoned nearly everything he used to stand for,” writes Macwhirter.

“He has dropped his support for university tuition fees – at least in Scotland. He wants high taxes on the wealthy and more resources for elderly social care. He doesn’t appear to want to dump the ‘something for nothing’ measures like prescription charges and concessionary bus fares, or if he does I’ve missed it.”

He adds: “When Murphy first put his hat in the ring for leader, I said he would have to undergo an ideological brain transplant to lead the Scottish Labour party. Well, the operation appear to have been a success. For now, at least, we are looking at New Jim – Man of The People and True Scot.”

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Picture courtesy of Andrew Bowden