Independence or Tory Brexit: Scottish Parliament to debate country’s future 


Scottish Government table two debate on right to choose future in referendum 

SCOTLAND’S FUTURE WILL be decided by the people who live here and will not be overruled by the Tories at Westminster, was the cry of the the SNP’s conference as the government confirmed the debate timetable on a fresh independence referendum. 

In an unprecedented act of defiance of democracy in Scotland, Tory politicians sought to block the right of people to decide their future in a democratic vote – by asserting any talks on a legally binding independence referendum would be ignored. 

Yet the Scottish Parliament will not debate and vote on the Scottish Government proposal, with a two day debate set to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday [21st-22nd March]. 

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The debate, titled “Scotland’s choice”, will divide the parliament depending on the constitutional fault line. The SNP and Scottish Greens support giving the people the right to decide the country’s future in light of the new found Tory ascendency at Westminster and the chaos of a Tory Hard Brexit and exit from the single market. The two parties hold a combined majority in the parliament. 

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said that a future referendum, if supported by the parliament, would be “absolutely fine”. However, Tory, Labour and Liberal leaders in Scotland have expressed exasperation at a future vote. 

Sole Tory MP David Mundell, elected at the worst Tory performance in Scotland for over a hundred and thirty years, refused any talks on a referendum. Theresa May said now was “not the time” for a referendum – but did not say when the correct time would be. 

Angus Robertson, SNP depute leader, said: “It is clear from the prime minister’s panicked response to the Scottish Government’s decision to rightly, give people in Scotland a choice over Scotland’s future, that the Tories are simply scared of the people’s choice.”

Picture courtesy of First Minister of Scotland

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