Indyref at 5: Contribute to our special week of coverage 16-20 September

Ben Wray

Give your thoughts to our special week of coverage on Indyref at 5 by e-mailing

THE 2014 independence referendum was a defining moment in Scotland’s history. 

A mass grassroots Yes movement exploded in every part of the country and, despite losing the referendum vote, changed Scotland forever. 

Five years on from the 18 September referendum, CommonSpace is running a special week of coverage from September 16-20 to mark that historic event. 

We will be looking at the history of the independence movement, how the politics of independence has changed in the years since, and the legacy of 2014. 

And we want to hear from you. Send us your thoughts in to and we’ll publish them on the site. You can give your recollection of the 2014 movement where you live and what we need to learn from it, or your thoughts on where now for the independence – anything you want on the subject of the independence movement past, present and future, in video or written form. 

CommonSpace will also be holding a Forum to mark the fifth anniversary of the referendum on 26 September at the Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow, 7.30pm. For full details and tickets click here.

Top picture courtesy of Stuart Crawford