It’s on: The best of #ScotRef reactions on Twitter

Nathanael Williams

As First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announces she will seek consent from Holyrood for a second independence referendum, we bring the best reactions from Scottish twitter

THE REACTION to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s second independence referendum announcement was varied and intense with figures and commentators from both sides giving their first reaction and thoughts on social media.

In a surprise press conference at Bute House in Edinburgh, she said a vote would be held between the autumn of 2018 and the spring of 2019.

She announced the UK Government refusal to negotiate over Scotland maintaining a relationship with the EU meant that Scots would have to choose between hard Brexit and an independent Scotland. She will seek the support of the Scottish Parliament next week for a fresh referendum, which must be granted through a UK section 30 order.

CommonSpace takes a look at the reaction across the twittershpere in Scotland.

  1. A deceased and much missed UK.

Are we witnessing the end of the UK? Famous comedian Daft Limmy pay his respects to what he sees is the inevitable decline of the UK union.

       2. Save the one you love

Progressives around the country urged Scottish voters to go for the choice of independence when it arises. Well, what can you do. If you know you’re doomed the least you can do is offer kindly advice to the people you love.

       3. A choice between two worlds

The argument from the Better Together side from the time of the first referendum until now has been that the UK represents the “best of both worlds.” However some commentators have argued that Brexit may have stretched that argument.

        4. At your marks…get set

After much debate over whether the groups and individuals supporting independence would be enthused enough for another referendum supporters came out on social media to express just how excited they are to have another bite at the independence apple.

         5. An inclusive debate to win

Columnist Vonny Moyes made a point of emphasising that either side of the debate should focus on positive messages that address the everyday concerns of voters across Scotland. Although polling has suggested that both sides have hardened in their opinions, there is still a section of the Scottish electorate undecided and open to persuasion by both sides.

          6. Mission impossible for the UK civil service

Professor of Modern and Contemporary History at Oxford Brookes, Glenn O’Hara, has said that the UK civil service struggling to deal with the demands of Brexit will suffer more discomfort if a referendum is called. If independence is achieved then we might witness the hastag #prayforUKcivilservice.

           7. Continental focus

Many European commentators responded to the news with German and Italian press showing sympathy and a lack of surprise that Scotland’s ruling party would rather hang out with them than Theresa May.

           8. Divisive division

The leader of Scottish Tories went to Twitter to state that in her view any referendum is divisive, especially Scottish referenda, but not Brexit referenda – they give the UK opportunties. Or so she says.

Picture courtesy of Scottish Government

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