Jeane Freeman: Scotland has an “obligation” to move towards independence


Government minister speaks argues Brexit reinforces democratic deficit and reason for independence

JEANE FREEMAN has said Brexit has created the “right and the obligation” to prepare for a second independence referendum.

The Scottish Government’s minister for social security made the comments to several hundred independence supporters at the relaunch of the Scottish Independence Convention (SIC) in St Lukes in Glasgow’s Calton area.

Addressing the audience on the second anniversary of the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, the hard line chimed with comments made by other speakers at the event, including keynote speaker Alex Salmond, who said that a second independence referendum was “almost upon us”.

Freeman also concurred with Salmond that Brexit was sufficient reason to “work towards independence”, saying that it had created an even greater democratic deficit than had existed at the time of the 2014 vote.

She said: “Not whether or not you believe we should be part of the European Union, and I do, but many don’t, the point of the Brexit vote, the reason it triggers a change in circumstances, that mean that we again have the right and the obligation to work towards independence, is that democratic deficit.”

Watch the whole SIC event here

Freeman said that the time had arrived to refuse developments at Westminster, if need be with independence.

“Once again, Scotland could be taken to a place we do not want to go because Westminster decides it’s the place they want to drag us.

“Not this time,” she said.

The comments came as First Minister Nicola Sturgeon continues her diplomatic efforts to try and maintain Scotland’s relationship with the EU in the face of the ongoing Brexit crisis.

Sturgeon has said that one of her ‘red lines’ is that Scotland maintains its place in the European single market, something that will be difficult for the UK to achieve unless it is willing to uphold other EU norms, including freedom of movement for EU citizens.

Picture courtesy of Scottish Government

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