Jeremy Corbyn: UK should stay together but with radical change


Labour leadership front runner insists he is a socialist, not a unionist

JEREMY CORBYN has confirmed he wants the UK to “stay together” but has also insisted that he wants to extend a “sufficiently radical” programme to all parts of the islands.

In an interview with The Herald , Corbyn, who is odds-on favourite to win the UK Labour leadership, asked if he was a unionist said: “No. I would describe myself as a Socialist. I would prefer the UK to stay together, yes, but I recognise the right of people to take the decision on their own autonomy and independence.

“I would hope that we can offer a sufficiently radical economic agenda for the whole of the UK that will ensure that all those traditions of Labour in Scotland, in Wales for that matter as well as in England do come together within the party,” he added.

The comments came days after Corbyn stoked controversy by saying that there shouldn’t be another independence referendum.

On the campaign trail in Dundee, he told the Daily Record : “I don’t think another referendum would be credible and I don’t think it is particularly likely.

“The last time a referendum happened, I was told by Alex Salmond it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – I don’t know how manylifetimes are involved in this,” he added.

The shock success of Corbyn’s leftist campaign has seen him as far as 32 points ahead of his nearest rival for the top Labour job.

Many Labour grandees, including former prime ministers Gordon Brown and Tony Blair have urged members to reject Corbyn’s leadership bid, which they believe will result in electoral defeat in the 2020 General Election.

Voting has begun in the leadership election, with an engorged party electorate of around 610,000 following new measures to allow people to become supporters of the party for just PS3.

The new party leader will be announced on 12 September.

Picture courtesy of Jasn