John Cleese “half educated tenement Scots” slur met with anger and jokes


Monty Python star goes on bizarre twitter rant over Scottish journalists 

SATIRICAL comedy celebrity John Cleese ignited a social media storm of condemnation and comedy following weird remarks on the social background of Scottish journalists. 

Cleese, whose career peaked decades ago during the success of Monty Python and Fawlty Towers, questioned why journalists from Scotland had senior jobs in the English media.

The insinuation that Scots in general were stupid and unwelcome down south led to some unhappy replies from SNP elected officials and fans of Cleese.

Although, for many others Cleese’s late night comments were more of a laughing matter.

It was the writings of Fraser Nelson, brought up in Nairn and now the editor of The Spectator magazine, that Cleese was reacting to. 

Nelson was nonplussed about the episode, stating “I can take all Twitter can throw at me.”

Picture courtesy of Acflynn

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