Jokes, slip-ups & soleros: 10 comedy moments of the election campaign


Did we all have fun? While some slated the election campaign as ‘boring’, some more light hearted moments stood out from the crowd

1. Pots and pans revolution

Back in March outgoing Labour MP David Hamilton described First Minister Nicola Sturgeon as “the wee lass with the tin helmet on”.

SNP supporters then launched a solidarity fashion craze, dressing up in kitchenware and home made tin-foil hats. (See #TinHelmet) (& #TinHat)

2. Jim Murphy meets the public

The Labour leader in Scotland tried to lead a fightback in Scotland’s streets and cafes.

The reaction was mixed.

It included a 30 minute cake photo-shoot.

3. David Cameron forgot what football club he supports

Political slip-ups can be funny – but they were few and far between this year.

The Prime Minister did suggest he supported West Ham F.C., when he is apparently an Aston Villa fan.

Awkward interviews followed.

4. Ice cream and soleros for everyone

Buzzfeed journalist Jamie Ross set out on a quest to find a mysterious stranger, photographed eating a solero ice cream with Alex Salmond in 1999.

The craze got out of hand, and even led to Tory leader Ruth Davidson recreating the moment with Ross to a hungry press pack.

Eventually the mystery was solved, but not by Buzzfeed, by The Herald.

5. Ed Miliband became a rebellious sex symbol

The Tories wanted to mock Miliband. Instead the unimaginable happened.

Young teens started fan clubs. Hen parties mobbed his campaign bus. The right-wing press said he was a ‘ladies man’. And then fans put him in an edgy campaign film to rap music.

6. Nick Clegg embraced the hate

Lib Dem leader takes the best approach to online abuse: laughing back.

7. Is Ed Miliband ‘tough enus’?

Jeremy Paxman put Miliband on the spot and asked if he had what it take to lead.

Then came the sound-bite. He nailed it, almost.

8. Twitter storms took on the media fear

Both SNP and Labour supporters took to twitter to combat the fears of the right wing papers.

#Jockalypse joked of the end of the world when the SNP reached London. #NotRuledOutBySNP listed everything the party hadn’t ruled out, including ghosts.

Labour supporters ate sandwiches online to show support for their leader.

Both campaigns united around #WorstCrisisSinceTheAbdication, which pointed out that a Labour-SNP deal probably won’t be the worst thing since 1936. *cough WWII*

9. David Cameron got pumped up

Cameron was accused of giving up on winning the election outright. So he increased the volume…

10. Donald Trump welcomed Jim Murphy’s retirement

Boris Johnson look-a-like and US businessperson Donald Trump loves a self-congratulatory tweet.

When he got a message about a retiring 65 year old who loved Trump’s wisdom, he had to share it.

Sadly for the Trump, the picture was of Jim Murphy, Labour leader in Scotland, whose is trying to avoid an early retirement.

The end.

Picture courtesy of CommonSpace