Journey to Yes: Germans for Independence activist Kathi on why she went from No to Yes


We find out why Scots are moving from No to Yes on the independence question

IN the latest episode of Phantom Power Films’ Journey to Yes series, Kathi from Germany explains why she believes Scotland should be an independent country.

Kathi left East Germany when the wall fell to study in Scotland. She now works as a language teacher and lives with her British family in the Scottish Borders.

Kathi and her family are just one of many who now face the agonising wait to see what their post-Brexit future in Scotland will be. 

In this episode, Kathi discusses ideas of nationalism and her experience of Scotland as an open and international country where anyone can be Scottish if they choose. 

After voting No in the first independence referendum, Brexit proved to be the catalyst for Kathi to find out more about the viability of an independent Scotland. Kathi began to distrust her traditional news choices in favour of The National and new media Wings Over Scotland and Bella Caledonia

Kathi has reached the view that Scotland can be a successful country and needs to go in its own direction unhampered by Westminster. She has become increasingly active politically and now runs the Twitter and Facebook operations of Germans for Independence at Germans for ScotRef. 

In a short time Kathi has built a strong online community of Germans, Europeans and internationals who have embraced the idea of self-determination for Scotland. 

EU Nationals’ voice may prove vital in the next referendum. A year after the Brexit vote, the UK Govt and Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Tories have provided no guarantees for EU Nationals and are attempting to move the next Scottish independence referendum beyond the EU exit date.

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Picture courtesy of Phantom Power Films

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