Journey to Yes: Why businesswoman Caroline has switched to Yes on Scottish independence


A new series from Phantom Power Films finds out why Scots are moving from No to Yes on the independence question

IN the latest episode of Journey to Yes from Phantom Power Films, Caroline explains why she will be voting Yes in the next Scottish independence referendum.

Caroline is a businesswoman who lives in Edinburgh and is originally from Sussex. Traditionally Conservative, she developed a keen interest in Scottish politics after the first indyref, which completely altered her view of Scotland’s position in the UK. 

In the film, Caroline discusses the post-Brexit landscape, her concern about increasingly rightwing populist UK Conservatives, disappointment in Scottish Conservatives leader Ruth Davidson (Edinburgh voted 75 per cent Remain), the economic implications of staying in a Tory dominated post-EU UK and the huge opportunities of independence for Scotland. 

If you’d like to take part in the series or know someone else who might, contact Phantom Power Films at or on Twitter.

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