Justice! Glasgow protestors “unlawfully” arrested beat police court case


Mobile phone footage crucial as Syrian brothers defeat police charges

GLASGOW POLICE who “unlawfully” arrested three brothers campaigning against bloodshed in Syria have seen their case dismissed in court for “unreliable” evidence.

Three years ago, Police Scotland made the arrests on Buchanan Street, Glasgow, where three men resisted arrest – claiming there were no grounds for police intervention. 

Yesterday [Thursday 26 May] a Glasgow Sheriff Court judge threw out the police claims as “unreliable”, with film evidence playing a crucial part in proving the innocence of the campaigners. 

Journalist James Doleman, who is crowdfunded by readers to support his court reporting, relayed that the judge stated he was “astonished” after watching the video evidence from the scene. 

As the detention was “unlawful”, the three men had committed no crime by resisting arrest. 

Without the amateur footage, a "serious miscarriage of justice" may have occurred – the judge added.

Doleman uploaded the crucial footage on social media following the case’s outcome, which shows the police remonstrating with campaigners before forcing one to the ground. 

One bystander to the event, shown in the video, said those arrested had faced “police harassment” for their protest. 

Another man asked the police: “I want to know what’s going on here.” He was told: “Move away. This has nothing to do with you.”

“This has everything to do with me. I want to know why they are being treated this way,” he replied. 

The verdict coincides with ongoing calls in parliament for an investigation into political policing by undercover officers in Scotland. 

Picture courtesy of YouTube