Ken MacBrayne becomes third Tory council candidate binned over anti-muslim remarks


Tory Western Isles candidate endorsed video calling for religious war with muslims 

A TORY CANDIDATE in Benbecula and North Uist passed the party’s vetting procedures despite posting violent and threatening rants against the first minister of Scotland, and sharing dozens of posts from the far-right extremist group ‘Britain First’. 

Ken MacBrayne, 72, was selected to represent the Tories in the Western Isles – but now his affinity with far-right British nationalism has been revealed in a series of offensive online rants. 

MacBrayne, in one of a variety of posts attacking Nicola Sturgeon, said: “It would please me no end if someone stuck a golf ball in Nicola Sturgeon’s mouth, tape it up and stick a bag over her head.”

He added it would “be a great idea” if Sturgeon was kidnapped. “Why can’t someone stick a cattle prod up her nether region. That might shut her up,” he added in one post. 

More offensive and extremist content was directed towards the muslim community. In dozens of posts shared from the far-right group Britain First, MacBrayne posted a video claiming Europe was “heading for civil war” and for “European resistance groups [to] start a Christian fightback” against muslims. Various other posts attacked refugees, muslims, and migration.

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MacBrayne is now the third Tory candidate in just two months to be found to have been accused of posting anti-muslim rants online. Glasgow Govan Tory Roxana Iancu and Midlothian Tory George McIntyre were also suspended by the party. 

The SNP spoke out against the extremism, saying that the posts were “essentially neo-Nazi propaganda”.

A Conservative Party spokesperson told the BBC: “These comments are totally unacceptable and the party have informed the candidate that he shall be receiving no further support for his campaign. The party has also suspended Mr MacBrayne and he is no longer a member.”

Picture courtesy of Scottish Parliament TV

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