Kevan O’Reilly: The Tories are coming


By Kevan O’Reilly

BOARD up the windows, batten down the hatches and organise a guard shift rota because as sure as the sun will set the Tories are coming.

It is a strange kind of democracy we live in where a party who get roughly a third of the overall vote get the keys to power. A party who some how inspire votes but not public support. I have to say that I, like everyone else, was not expecting the result that came in.

The ruling party, having brought in cuts to public services, demonised the poor, extended privatisation to the NHS after massively damaging top down reform they promised they wouldn’t have, failed to meet blatantly bullshit promises on immigration, cut benefits to the disabled, invented sanction targets for the unemployed when full employment is not being provided, published plans to reduce the top rate of tax, increase the inheritance tax threshold while leaving minimum wage bellow inflation and reducing tax credits that make it possible for people to live on such low earnings (just to make crystal clear which side they’re on) this party should not be picking up votes. Yet, here we are.

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Picture courtesy of the Conservatives