Labour heading for Tory-style wipeout in Scotland, says YouGov president


YouGov poll places SNP 19 per cent ahead of their main rivals

OPINION in Scotland remains supportive of the Scottish National Party in the latest General Election poll conducted by the agency YouGov.

Support for the SNP remained 19 per cent above Labour, which received 46 per cent and 27 per cent support respectively.

The Conservatives experienced a small rise in support to 18 per cent, while the Liberal Democrats were stuck on just four per cent.

If this result was replicated as a general swing of votes across Scotland, the SNP would win 48 seats, Labour nine and a single seat each for the Tories and Liberal Democrats.

Peter Kellner, President of YouGov, compared the trend to the Conservative party’s defeat in 1997: “I have seen figures like these before. A once-dominant party condemned by voters; its leader rejected; its remaining supporters lukewarm – and facing a popular, fresh-faced rival. This was the story of the Conservatives across Britain in 1997, and it looks like the story of Labour in Scotland at the coming election.” (Click here to read more)

12 weeks after Jim Murphy became leader of Labour in Scotland, support for the party has remained static in YouGov polling.

Murphy’s personal approval ratings dropped from -10 per cent to -25 per cent in the latest poll.

Postal votes are expected to be dispatched in a month’s time. The full General Election will take place on 7 May.

Picture courtesy of Scottish Government