Labour shadow minister declares opposition to nuclear weapons renewal


Ian Murray disowns manifesto commitment to spend PS100bn on more weapons

SHADOW CABINET minister Ian Murray has become the first leading Labour politician to publicly oppose the renewal of trident nuclear weapons.

Speaking to The Scotsman newspaper, Murray said he would have no issue voting with the Scottish National Party against renewal.

Murray said: “I have a different view on Trident. The party position is the party position. I’ve made it clear that I wouldn’t support it [Trident].” (Click here to read more)

The Labour Party is split on whether to support nuclear weapons – with over 50 party candidates supporting full disarmament.

Labour’s manifesto, launched on Tuesday 14 April, supported “a minimum, credible, independent nuclear capability”.

Last week, former Labour defence secretary Des Browne said Trident renewal was likely to be delayed by a further review after the election. (Click here to read more)

The SNP said there was “a growing revolt” within the Labour party over its nuclear weapons policy.

Thirty-four arrests were made on Monday at a blockade of the Faslane nuclear base organised by the Scrap Trident Coalition, which succesfully closed down the base for a full day. (Click here to read more).

Picture courtesy of Pierre J.