Labour supporters claim they are being purged from the party


Labour supporters are allegedly being purged from the party

A NUMBER of Labour supporters who joined the party in the run up to or during the leadership race have been told that they are unable to vote in September’s leadership election.

Some outraged would-be Labour party voters include comedian and broadcaster Mark Steel, Have I Got News For You writer Peter Sinclair, and film and television director Ken Loach.

Sinclair told Channel 4 News that he was “shaking with rage” when the news reached him that he was prohibited from voting in the September ballot.

“If Jeremy Corbyn became leader I would be completely a Labour supporter, I would be completely and utterly happy to vote for them and I would tell everyone else to vote Labour. I would campaign for Labour.”

Labour has stated that all applications to join are strictly verified to ensure that candidates, members and supporters are neither fraudulent, nor attempting to process malicious applications. Any supporter who fails to meet these credentials will be denied a vote.

The party has witnessed an unprecedented rise in membership since its leadership campaign commenced, either through members signing up to the party or as affiliate members.

The hashtag #LabourPurge quickly began trending at a UK wide level on Thursday August 20, as many would-be Labour supporters took to social media to express their anger and disappointment at being barred from voting.

Today I received the Labour party’s “thank you” for the 35 years of union subs I’ve put into their coffers Fuck you.

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