Lallands Peat Worrier: Be critical, have patience


The latest blog from Peat Worrier tackles talk of an indyref 2

IF you are serious about securing Scottish independence, beware of passion. Beware of the unselfcritical and the impatient. Beware projection. Beware the thought that other people think as you think. Be suspicious of your motives. Test your claims. Follow the evidence.

Beware those who see the defeat of the Yes campaign as entirely the fault of other people. Beware those who point an accusing finger only at Project Fear and a biased media, and who have nothing to say about where Yes Scotland and the White Paper went wrong.

Beware those who can’t begin to understand why people voted No. Beware those who see the Scots as credulous, taken in, but now smarting from buyer’s remorse. Beware those who believe it was only the Vow what won it.

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Picture courtesy of Kyoshi Masamune