Lallands Peat Worrier: Professor Chalmers: The law “cannot be stated with any degree of certainty whatsoever…”


Lallands Peat Worrier’s take on the assisted suicide debate

AS MY regular readers will know, I’ve a raging hymenopterous beastie in my bunnet about the criminalisation of assisted suicide in Scotland. Two recent blog posts have examined Holyrood’s scrutiny of the late Margo MacDonald’s proposals to definitively legalise assisting suicide, and found it wanting.

Whatever you think of the issues, I argue, the law as it stands is intolerably value and unclear. Is it homicide to collect a vast stash of drugs and to give them to a loved one to take, to end their suffering?

Is it murder, or culpable homicide, to assist your relative to mount a plane to the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland? What does the Lord Advocate think about these things? On all three, I argue, the legal answers are clear as mud, evasive, fudged. And that can’t be right.

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Picture courtesy of Mark Spearman